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Application Notes & White papers

RF(Radio Frequency)의 이해를 위해 기본이론과 유용한 정보를 아래와 같이 제공합니다.

▶ Application Notes

  • Antenna Location Is Not An Architectural Decision
  • Applications for Directional Hybrid Couplers
  • Cable Loss Masking Effect
     - Masking Effect of Cable Loss on Antenna VSWR and Return Loss Measurements
  • Combiner and Receiver Multicoupler Design
  • Communicating to your 4421 Power Meter through an RS-232 Interface
  • Configuring the Model 43 for MOTOTBRO
  • Configuring-Spectrum-Analyzer-to-Measure-Low-Level-Signals
  • Directional and Non-Directional Couplers
  • Dummy Loads and Smart Choices
  • Everyone Needs Good Connections
  • Guide to Calibrating the TPM using the 7006A250 Transfer Standard Kit
  • Insertion Loss in Band Pass Cavities
  • Installing a Monitor in the RF System
     - Installation Instructions for the TPM Series, Transmit Power Monitors
  • Measuring TDMA Signals
  • Passive Interm odulation
     - Troubleshooting Passive Intermodulation (PIM)
  • RF Generator Output Power Testing Using Calorimetric Methods
     - Providing an accurate means of measuring the output power of RF generators
  • Straight Talk About Directivity
  • Tower Top Amplifier
     - Advantages and Limitations
  • TPM Calibration Methods
  • Transmitter Output Power Measurement in Digital Broadcast Systems
     - Characteristics of conventional measurement methodologies and Developing a foundation of understanding newer techniques
  • Using the API with your PC SignalHawk
  • ▶ White Papers

  • Calibration Techniques for Precision Power Measurement in Semiconductor Process Applications
  • Duplexers and Repeaters - Some Basic Information
  • How to Properly Design an In-Building Distributed Antenna System (DAS) Part 1
     Use of directional couplers in DAS
  • How to Properly Design an In-Building Distributed Antenna System (DAS) Part 2
     The DAS design process
  • Pitfalls of Multiband Distributed Antenna Systems
     - As seen on RF Globalnet
  • Installing a Monitor in the RF System
  • It's Duct Hunting Season
     - As seen on RF Globalnet
  • RF Power Measurement in the Field
  • The Legend Lives On History of the Bird® Model 43 Wattmeter
     - The Industry Standard
  • VSWR Measurements Using In-Line Power Meters